Presenting progress of the preparation of the EST and FIN ICZMs

The progress of the preparation of EST and FIN ICZMs before the publishing of the very first drafts were presented and discussed in work meeting on 13-14 Feb, 2018 in Turku.

Finnish ICZM cases locate in the Region of Satakunta being Enhancing sustainable tourism in Satakunta coastal zone and Ecosystem services of the Kokemäenjoki watershed and its marine counterpart.

Estonian ICZM cases locate along the coasts of Lääne-Viru and Läänemaa. Their themes are relating to the multifunctionality of the coastal use between the recreation, tourism, other economic development e.g. agriculture or wind farming and housing.

Look through the presentations of 13 Feb, 2018:

EST Laanemaa ICZM case 13 Feb, 2018

EST Lääne-Viru case ICZM 13 Feb, 2018

FIN Satakunta ICZM cases 13 Feb, 2018

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Key themes for the selection of the ICZM case areas in Estonia and Finland

Fig. 1. ICZM case areas in Satakunta Region in Finland.

In Finland, the key theme for the ICZM case along the Satakunta Region coast is focusing on the role of tourism and another ICZM case covers ecosystem service based theme in the watershed of the River Kokemäenjoki in Satakunta Region (Fig. 1). ICZM can be used as a strategic tool to support land use planning and MSP. Regional land use plans and/or master plans define the current and proposed land use in Finnish project area. The scheme of planning process of ICZM is: assessment, current state, goal definition, future scenarios, strategic environmental assessment, conclusions and decision analysis (see the FIN ICZM case presentation 11 Oct, 2017).

Fig. 2. ICZM cases in Lääne and Lääne-Viru counties in Estonia.

In Estonia, the case areas for ICZM planning are locating in Lääne-Viru and Läänemaa (Fig. 2). The key themes of Lääne-Viru ICZM care are sea related mobility/transport, vitality of communities and renewable energy sources. In case of Lääne, the main key issues will be the access to the sea, harbor developments, swimming places, roads, protected areas and wind parks (see the presentations of Lääne-Viru and Läänemaa ICZM cases 11 Oct, 2017).

In the autumn 2017, Estonian and Finnish project team has carried out thematic discussions with the stakeholders and consultations among the local interest groups of the case areas.

Presentations on the selection of Finnish (2) and Estonian (2) ICZM cases:

FIN_ICZM_cases_ 11 Oct 2017

EST_Läänemaa ICZM case_11 Oct, 2017

EST Lääne-Viru ICZM case 11 Oct, 2017

See also the press releases on the starting the ICZM planning process in the autumn 2017:

Press release_FIN 16 Nov., 2017

Press release EST Nov., 2017 HaljalaVS_see page 5

Press release EST Viru-Nigula Teataja Nov. 2017_see page 7


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The first results on the Human-Ecological Data Integration

The first results dealing with the human and ecological data integration were presented at the public dissemination event 13 June, 2017 at Tallinn University.

See the detailed descriptions on the process of data integration in the project areas in Finland (Regions of Satakunta and Southwest Finland) and Estonia (Counties of Lääne, Harju and Lääne-Viru):

FIN_Data Integration_1.1 phase

EST_Data Integration_1.1 phase

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About the project work flow


The press releases on the starting project activities see e.g. the first one published by the Regional Council of Satakunta

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EU Funding for ICZM cases in Estonia and Finland

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Here we are: Some representatives of the project team from University of Turku (as Lead Partner), Tallinn University, Regional Council of Satakunta, Estonian University of Life Sciences and Finnish Environment Institute. Our kick-off was held on October, 2016 in Turku.

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