Suvi Salmenniemi (Professor of Sociology, Department of Social Research, University of Turku) Fields of interest include political sociology; therapeutic culture and wellbeing; critical social theory; cultural studies; feminist research; ethnography; and socialism and post-socialism. 

Tuire Niinimäki-Silva (PhD candidate, Department of Social research, Social work) Her research interests include ethnography as methodology, migration and refugees from many different aspects, particularly migrant family relations and generations, as well as critical approaches to the concept of integration.
Iida Kukkonen (PhD student, Unit of Economic Sociology, Department of Social Research, University of Turku) Kukkonen’s research interests revolve around physical appearance -related inequalities, gender, consumption and social media.
Elina Sutela (Doctoral candidate & project researcher, Department of Social Sciences, University of Turku) Sutela’s research areas include: inequality and segregation in urban environments, affordable housing, urban and housing policies, youth labour market, youth welfare.

Henri Koskinen (Doctoral candidate, Department of Social Research (sociology), University of Turku) His research interests include sociology of work and citizenship, postindustrial labor and political sociology.

Emma Lamberg (PhD student, Department of Social research, sociology, University of Turku). Lamberg’s research interests include: working life, ethnography, feminist studies and political sociology and qualitative research of inequality.
Elina Laine (university teacher, doctoral student, Department of Social Research, social work). Her research interests include ecosocial social work, gender studies and girl studies. 

Arttu Saarinen (Assistant professor and university teacher Department of Social Research, Economic sociology)  Saarinen’s research interests cover social and health policy, markets, network studies, politics, media, and well-being, with a current focus on political parties in Finland. 

Hanna Ylöstalo (Senior lecturer, Department of Social Research, sociology, University of Turku) Her research interests lie in the fields of feminist political economy, political sociology and gender equality research. 

Kia Andell (M.Soc.Sci,  PhD student,Department of Social Research, University of Turku) Andell’s research interests include: science and technology studies, cultural studies of health and wellbeing, sociology of scientific knowledge, power, experiences and ‘public undersanding / engagement of science’.

Johanna Nurmi (Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Social Research (sociology), University of Turku) Nurmi’s research areas include: medical sociology, vaccine refusal and hesitancy, complementary and alternative medicine, clinical encounters, trauma studies, violence, ethnographic research.

Irene Prix (University lecturer is sociology, Department of Social Research, University of Turku). Currently, Prix’s research focuses on the role of social class for entering and persisting in gender-atypical educational domains. Furthermore, her empirical and theoretical interests include issues of education and work from a perspective of class, gender and political economy.

Pia Vuolanto (Doctor (Soc.Sci), Researcher, Faculty of Social Sciences, Research Centre for Knowledge, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies TaSTI, University of Tampere) Research areas: Science and technology studies; Knowledge production and controversies in complementary and alternative medicine; Boundaries between science and religion; Gender perspective in research; Controversies over legitimate knowledge.