June 2019

5 June
Maritime Safety Seminar, Helsinki, Finland

May 2019

23–24 May
ResQU2 Best-Practice Seminar: Lessons learned from HAZARD and ChemSAR projects, Copenhagen, Denmark

April 2019

9 April
ResQU2 workshop in the Interreg Programme Conference 9 – 10 April 2019, Lübeck, Germany

4-5 April
Arctic Coast Guard Seminar, Turku, Finland

March 2019

14–15 March
HAZARD Final Conference, Tallinn, Estonia

February 2019

6 February
ChemSAR Final Conference, Helsinki, Finland

January 2019

17–18 January
ResQU2 workshop on How to build maritime response, Hamburg, Germany



November 2018

28 November
10th Steering Group Meeting of EUSBSR Policy Area Secure, Riga, Latvia (ResQU2 presented)

6–7 November
19th PA SAFE Steering Committee meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark (ResQU2 presented)

October 2018

30–31 October
ResQU2 Kick-off meeting, Turku, Finland

17 October
Interreg BSR Programme Kick-off meeting with project platforms, Riga, Latvia

10 October
Arctic Coast Guard Forum’s Expert meetings/Artic Rescue Coordination Centre meeting, Helsinki, Finland

September 2018

13 September
ChemSAR Live Exercise, Paldiski, Estonia