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Month: March 2019

25 March 2019 by Milla Heikkinen

27-31 August 2018 and 11-24 February 2019

One of the benefits of participating in my program on East Asian Studies at the University of Turku’s Center for East Asian Studies is the ability to apply for different summer schools, internships, research trips, and seminars abroad. During my time at UTU, I have had the privilege of attending the St. Petersburg Summer School and going to NIAS, the Nordic Institute for Asian Studies, in Copenhagen, Denmark for a two-week thesis writing research scholarship program.

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Networking With Impact

21 March 2019 by Kristaps Kovalonoks

Hi everyone!

Last week UTU Ambassadors were invited to an event called “Get-together for Student Ambassadors”. The event took place in Restaurant E. Ekblom, close to the city center and right next to the Aura River. The program of this get-together included presentations about different programs and activities happening in the region of Turku, insights into future events, discussions, networking and mingling around the buffet.

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Why Futures Studies?

18 March 2019 by Jonathon Murphy

One of the main questions I have had to answer ever since I started my degree programme is “why Futures Studies?” Closely followed by “what is Futures Studies?” and, if the other person is feeling particularly clever, “do you use a crystal ball?” (everyone thinks they are the first person to make this joke…) However, it is true that Futures Studies as an academic discipline is not as well-established as other, more traditional subjects. With this in mind, I thought I would offer a brief overview of the programme here at UTU, as well as outlining my own motivations for applying.

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Lines Written in Winter

05 March by Jonathon Murphy

As March begins it feels like the dreaded Finnish winter is finally coming to an end. The temperature has risen from -12 to -1, and I no longer have to wear my oversized winter coat (seriously, it’s like wearing a duvet, which sounds great until you have to enter a building). Texting outside no longer makes your hands go numb either! Continue reading

Attending my very first scientific conference as a guest speaker

05 March 2019 by Kristaps Kovalonoks

Hello all!

Quite recently, from 22.-23.2., I was fortunate enough attend my very first scientific conference as a guest speaker that took place in my hometown of Riga, Latvia. I was invited to represent University of Turku (UTU) as a Student Ambassador, and share my personal experiences, vision of mobility tools regarding higher education, and researcher mobility at the Baltic Science Network Final Conference. On this intense two-day conference, the second day also marked the celebration of theProfessionalAnnual Baltic Sea Science Day.

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