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Student mental health and well-being

23 November 2019 by Megha Goswami
This blog post focuses on mental health and well-being for international students but isn’t exclusive to international students in any way. I’m not from a medical background, this is just my perspective on mental well-being from what I’ve observed, learned and felt is share worthy if anyone has felt a fraction of the emotions I’ve gone through.

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Job Hunting and Working in Finland

09 October 2019 by Megha Goswami
One of the main concerns of international students in Finland and elsewhere is finding work. Which is quite understandable since living costs in Finland aren’t the lowest. In this blog I’ll be sharing with you the things that I’ve learned about finding work and working in Finland.

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Kesä Tulee!

05 April 2019 by Meghadipa Goswami

One sudden day, you wake up to find sunlight streaming into your room. You wonder if you’ve slept through multiple alarms and dread you’ve probably missed a lecture (or two). But you discover its only 6:30 or 7 in the morning! When you’ve finally battled the urge to go back to sleep and decide to attend your mandatory class and step outside, you hear birds chirping. You ask yourself the big question- Is springtime finally here? If you’re reading this from a different part of the world you’re probably thinking, why is she being overly dramatic, everyone knows that spring follows winter. But you see, living in one of the coldest countries in the world has made springtime extra special.

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