kesä tulee, summer in finland

Kesä Tulee!

05 April 2019 by Meghadipa Goswami

One sudden day, you wake up to find sunlight streaming into your room. You wonder if you’ve slept through multiple alarms and dread you’ve probably missed a lecture (or two). But you discover its only 6:30 or 7 in the morning! When you’ve finally battled the urge to go back to sleep and decide to attend your mandatory class and step outside, you hear birds chirping. You ask yourself the big question- Is springtime finally here? If you’re reading this from a different part of the world you’re probably thinking, why is she being overly dramatic, everyone knows that spring follows winter. But you see, living in one of the coldest countries in the world has made springtime extra special.

Finland has four very distinct seasons, and the most exciting thing is that each season has its’ own charm. I arrived here in late August so this is my first spring and I must say, I’m loving it! It’s almost as if everything is more beautiful and more alive. The sky is full of color and the days get longer and longer. Not to mention, the temperatures are much warmer and one is no longer buried under multiple layers.

Finnish spring is undoubtedly beautiful but my favorite part is seeing how ecstatic everyone is. Children are running around, youngsters on bikes are swarming the roads, while the elderly take long walks by the river. Winter hibernation is finally over and gone are the days when people hurry along to reach their indoor destination. Gone are the icy roads and the immense effort you need to put in to keep yourself upright on icy roads.

There is literally excitement in the air (and some pollen too). When you walk through the city centre or the shopping complex, you can hear bits and pieces of people exchanging their summer plans. ‘Kesä tulee’ or summer is coming is the highlight of so many of the conversations. After all, you’re not truly embracing the Finnish experience if you haven’t already started making plans for Vappu. Vappu or May Day is one of the biggest celebrations in Finland and is particularly popular among the students. I’m yet to experience the event packed week, the picnics and the legendary hangover.

Spring time is special for me because it represents the start of something new. The trees outside your window which look so bare are soon going to transform into lush green. The dull grey-green grass is soon going to be replaced by baby green grass blades, and you can see a tiny flower bud beginning to blossom. Sometimes the cycle of Mother Nature is all we need to remind us that a new beginning is just around the corner..
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