Welcome you to join our cooperational day between homes and the school on Friday 27th of September, which will be arranged in co-operation with Turku University´s Researcher’s Night- event.

On our Science day for school and homes, we will have professors, teachers and researchers from the university visiting the school and having exciting presentations for our pupils. Presentations will be held both in Finnish, and in English. Some presentations will be in TIS building and some in normaalikoulu. Please use the entrance F in normaalikoulu and pupils will guide you to the right place.

Both pupils and parents can learn new interesting things about science and get to learn the latest scientific discoveries guided by researchers. On our open parents can also pay a visit to class rooms.

Science day program:Kodin-ja-koulun-tiedepäivä-ohjelma-2019

You will be able to join the principal and the vise principal for a morning coffee from 8.15 to 9.15 in the Cafeteria in norssi building.