What has the EU ever done for us?

Brexit evokes concerns everywhere in Europe. Pravin Ramdin, BSRS student from the UK, wrote a blog post about the topic in the immediate aftermath of the EU referendum on June 23rd.


Out of the ashes of WWII there arose a noble ideal, that the continent of Europe would never again see such bloodshed, collective trauma, upheaval and devastation as had been witnessed prior to 1945.

From the treaty of Paris 1951 through to the Treaty of Lisbon 2007 the overriding desire has been to maintain peace and stability within Europe through economic, political, social and judicial collaboration, is that not noble enough an ideal to warrant support?

Prior to the European Union project Europe was in a state of perpetual war and peace, a constant jockeying of position between Europe’s great powers often leading to conflict and the spilt blood of her ordinary citizens.

When countries in Europe had their sovereignty in tact, was it a safer place? Was it a place free from hatred? Was it a place at peace?

When nationalism was allowed to flourish, was Europe a place that welcomed everyone? Was it a place that created equal rights for all its residents?

The history books tell us this was not the case.

That a portion of my countries sovereignty has been deferred to Europe does not have to be a bad thing. That the highest court in my country is now the European Courts of Justice and Human rights does not have to be a bad thing.

If the legislation and judgements born out of these institutions eradicate past injustices, illuminate and enlighten our understanding, surely this is a good thing?

If, together as Europeans we can advance ourselves in a constructive and peaceful manner, and through continued cooperation eradicate the evils of nationalism and xenophobia, the institutions that help us to do this should be celebrated and not despised, they should be reformed but not rejected.

The European Union provides an open and equal market for all residents, students, workers, tourists and those unfortunate enough to be on welfare.  It provides funding to deprived areas in all corners of it’s member states, and for all its failings has helped maintain an unbroken peace within the continent since 1951.


©Pravin Bjarki Ramdin www.brownviking.com