These pages contain learning material that aim to improve cargo securing to prevent cargo damages on road, sea, rail and air. For road transports, only a few European countries have national regulations or standards on cargo securing. The aim of the material is to improve the quality of cargo securing and the safety of people.

All material is free to download.

    • Presentation Material
    • Teacher’s Manual
    • Student Book
    • Excel based Cargo Calculator, cargo calculator formulas and cargo calculator guide for determining sufficient cargo lashing
    • Online Survey on the know-how and attitudes of people working with cargo securing issues in Europe.

The material is based on to European Best Practice Guideline on Cargo Securing for Road Transports, IMO / ILO / UN ECE Guidelines and to EN 12195-1:2010 in addition to the suitable regulations of air transportations. The material will also point out the exemptions of these rules in a few European countries (e.g. Germany).