The DigiHistFI symposium will take place between 10-15 o’clock on 30 November. It will be followed by the annual Veikko Litzen lecture at 16.00. This year’s lecture is given by Tim Hitchcock, Professor of Digital History at the University of Sussex and the Co-Director of Sussex Humanities Lab (

The symposium starts at 10.00 at the Arje Scheinin hall (Dentalia, Lemminkäisenkatu 2, 1st floor, Turku) and continues at 13.00 at the Janus hall  (Minerva  building, Sirkkala campus, Kaivokatu 12, Turku). The Litzen lecture is also at the Janus hall.

For further details, see the campus map of the University of Turku. Dentalis is T32 and Minerva T52 on the map (Janus hall is in the connecting part between T52 and T53):