Finland State of Logistics

Finland State of Logistics 2023 has been published in Finnish and can be downloaded here (only abstract in English).

The state of Finnish logistics and the outlook on future development have been regularly studied for over 30 years. The Ministry of Transport and Communications in Finland conducted the first national logistics survey in 1992.

The supply chain management research team at Turku School of Economics has, in cooperation with the Finnish Transport Agency and previously with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, been responsible for conducting the survey since 2006. Since then, the execution of the survey has been similar, which allows for comparability with several central timelines until 2005. It is possible to compare the costs of logistics as part of the national economy until the beginning of 1990’s.

The focus group of the logistics survey are Finnish manufacturing and trade companies, as well as logistics companies. The number of responses have been over 2700 at best. The surveys have included most of the focus group companies when measuring with turnover.

Information regarding the logistics survey has been assembled on this page, which includes previous reports and links to the academic studies conducted by the research group, in which evidence has been used. Furthermore, on this page there are links to national researches and reports, which measure different kinds of logistical functionality. One of these is the Logistics Performance Index-report, which is regularly published by the world bank.