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05 January 2022 | Kadi Kasepõld (Tallinn University of Technology) & Sergej Suzdalev (Klaipėda University): Conducting Simulator Trainings in Oil Spill Response Training – Thoughts from the Response Crews

28 December 2021 | Ministry of Environment of Estonia: Operational Oil Spill Response Procedures in Case of Shallow Waters and Coastal Areas – Overview and Recommendations for the Baltic Sea Region (WP2 Final Report)

23 December 2021 | Heta Hyvärinen: Finnish Red Cross’ Final Report on NGO educational activities in co-operation with authorities (GoA 3.3), in Finnish here

8 December 2020 |Kia Friis Petersen (Danish Civil Protection League): Marine Environmental Preparedness in Denmark

8 December 2020 | Kia Friis Petersen (Danish Civil Protection League): Baltic Carrier Accident in Denmark 2001

9 September 2020 | Kadi Kasepõld, Sergej Suzdalev, Igor Kuzmenko & Ivar Treffner (Tallinn University of Technology and Klaipėda University): Conducting Oil Spill Combating Training with State-of-the-art Maritime Simulators

Tommi Virtanen 2021: Managing and organizing volunteers in oil spill response. The Finnish National Rescue Association