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New Report on Using Maritime Simulators in Oil Spill Response Training

Experiences gained in the frame of the OIL SPILL project revealed that maritime simulators, although being a rather novel approach, are considered to be an essential part of the preparation process to tackle real oil spill accidents, and are complementing more traditional tabletop and field-exercises. Feedback from the experts revealed that oil spill related simulator training is really welcomed and should be conducted regularly.

Simulator Training by TalTech Estonian Maritime Academy

Although TalTech Estonian Maritime Academy as a maritime education and training institution is focusing on educating future navigators, ship engineers and shore personnel, we are also contributing in the training of coast and border guards. Besides conventional further training courses in the maritime, we also provide training courses for search mission coordinators (SMC) and on-scene coordinators (OSC) aimed for the staff of national Rescue Coordination Centres and deck officers of vessels taking part in national SAR activities. As the focus of these courses is in the practical application of knowledge via teamwork using case studies and exercises, the maritime simulators play quite an extensive role.

Sunken Wrecks – the Underwater Sources of Oil Pollution

When thinking about marine oil spillages, some recent accident is likely to come to mind. The statistics concerning shipping show that more than half of the oil spills are caused by collisions and groundings, followed by hull or equipment failures and fires-explosions. In recent decades, also awareness about oil pollution from sunken wrecks has increased.