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ZeroCarbon Breakfasts and Brunches

Proper networking is not only about building new relationships but also about deepening the existing ones. If we collaborate with companies, hosting innovation events is one of the best ways to meet new and existing partners. We also want to do something for our members that we know they would enjoy – ZeroCarbon Breakfast and Brunches!

Therefore, the ZeroCarbon Food Webs hosts ZeroCarbon Breakfasts and Brunches where we provide a forum for ZeroCarbon-minded new and old members of the network to meet and exchange value and sketch research collaboration. During the breakfast or brunch, everyone has an opportunity to introduce their current areas of research and introduce their business and anything they would like to collaborate with.

ZeroCarbon Breakfast is a quarterly innovation event. Registration is open all the time but we wish that our members register at least 14 days before the actual meeting takes place. By doing this, we can invite business guests from the member companies of the Climate Leadership Coalition and non-member scholars who have similar research interests.

It is also encouraged that you bring someone with you who you think would be good for the members of our network to meet.

The restaurant is selected based on the carbon-neutral breakfast or brunch menu.

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