The Center for the Study of Bioethics (CSB) is an international research and researcher network. It aims at stimulating debate on the big questions of bioethics – for example, on health, sickness, freedom and justice – worldwide and beyond different schools of thought and disciplinary boundaries. The Center organizes conferences and various other kinds of research collaborations, and advances dissemination of bioethics research. This is accomplished by numerous national units (such as our Finnish Unit) and partner organizations.

The Finnish Unit of the Center for the Study of Bioethics was established in 2016. It is chaired by a Board consisting of bioethics researchers, who are at different phases of their academic career, at University of Turku. Our goal is to increase awareness of bioethics research conducted in Finnish universities. We aim at making bioethics research more international as well as multi- and crossdisciplinary. By participating in the international CSB network and organizing possibilities for new research collaborations, we also enable and facilitate debate within the academic community. Every year we will choose a topical concept which then directs our activies. In line with the research interests of the bioethicists in Turku, these may include authenticity, capabilities, self-discipline/indulgence, addiction, gender and sexuality, autonomy, death, sport, empathy, food and enhancement.