Urban Studies minor (25-35 ECTS)

The University of Turku offers an opportunity to take urban studies as a minor (25-35 ECTS), as part of a degree. The minor in urban studies aims to familiarise students with the research topics, concepts, and theoretical background in urban studies. The student should learn to follow multidisciplinary research in urban studies and to develop new viewpoints. The minor enables a specialism in urban studies within a relevant major.

The minor is hosted by the Department of Social Research. The curricula consists of obligatory and selected courses. The obligatory courses are an introduction (organised each autumn term) and a theme seminar (organised each spring term). Other courses can be chosen from pre-selected courses provided within sociology, social policy, geography, culture and history studies, economic geography (Turku Business School) and public administration (Åbo Akademi University). The selectable courses are divided into two groups. Students have to take at least a minimum number of courses and earn a minimum number of ECTS points in each.

Currently roughly one third of the courses is available in English.

Please contact Research Director Sampo Ruoppila for further information.

Previous studies

It is recommended that students beginning the minor should have already accomplished 1-3 years of studies in their major subjects.

Enrolment on courses

The enrolment protocol varies from course to course. Hence, students should check the protocol from the study guidebook or virtual study register service (nettiopsu). The course descriptions, as well as times and locations, are also available there.

Study rights

Students at the University of Turku must submit applications for study rights to include courses from Turku Business School and Åbo Akademi University in their degree. This can be done through the JOOPAS service (www.joopas.fi).

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