Past events

Consortium Annual Meeting

via Zoom, May 18, 2020

Chair: Juha Räikkä

Schedule (Ottawa time):

09:00 Welcome and Introduction of Annegret Meermeier
09:15 Presentation Canada with subsequent discussion (Jennifer Chandler)
09:45 Presentation Finland with subsequent discussion (Jukka Varelius)
10:15 Presentation Germany with subsequent discussion (Maria Marloth)
10:45 Future Cooperations

Therenia Second Project Meeting

Lisbon, Portugal, September 2019

Therenia consortium had its annual meeting in Lisbon in September 2019. Jennifer Chandler presented a paper in ICON conference and Juha Räikkä introduced the consortium in the Mid-Term Symposium of Neuron projects. Poster presentation was prepared by Maria Marloth and Kai Vogeley. We agreed to continue our fruitful coopetarion and will meet again in 2020.

The 1st Milan Turku Workshop on Philosophy
THERENIA research project activities

April 4, 2019

Seminar Room 269, Publicum (Assistentinkatu 7), Turku, Finland

9.00 Giuliano Torrengo: Tenseless perceptions and tensed thoughts
10.00 Elisa Aaltola: Difficult emotions – emotion concepts in empirical sciences and philosophy

10.45 Coffee

11.15 Clotilde Calabi: They do it with mirrors

12.15 Lunch

13.30 Anna Ichino: Superstitious imaginings
14.30 Valtteri Arstila: Past protention of passage

15.15 Coffee

15.30 Philosophy and neuroscience – general discussion

For further information, please contact Juha Räikkä

Therenia First Project Meeting
August 31st, 2018
University of Turku, Finland

The event is open to interested students and researchers and free of charge.

Preliminary programme, subject to changes:

9:00 Juha Räikkä, University of Turku: Opening Words
9:15 Jennifer Chandler, University of Ottawa
10:00 Kai Vogeley, University of Köln

10:45 Short break

11:00 Jukka Varelius, University of Turku

11:45 Lunch

13:00 Tuija Takala, University of Helsinki
13:40 Polaris Koi, University of Turku
14:20 Valtteri Arstila, University of Turku

15:00 End of meeting