Nordic voices: The use of oral history and personal memories in public history settings (2022-2024)

NORDIC VOICES seeks to increase the use of oral histories, life narratives and personal memories in Nordic cultural institutions by collaborating with leading experts from both academia and various cultural institutions. Compared to many other countries, the use of personal sources in Nordic cultural institutions and online archives is limited, because all the Nordic countries have strict personal data acts. The first NORDIC VOICES workshop “Oral history and personal testimonies in museums” will be held in autumn 2022 in Copenhagen, Roskilde and Malmö. The second workshop “Oral histories, life stories and analysing significance in museums” will be held in autumn 2023 in Turku and Paimio. Additionally two online workshops will be held, the first “Personal testimonies as museum communication” in spring 2022 and the second “Sustainable and transformative futures of memory practices and institutions” in spring 2023.