Spring 2022

Online reading circle: Personal testimonies as museum communication

April 26 2022 14.00-16.00 (UTC+3)

14:00-14:15 Anne Heimo (University of Turku) and Anne Brædder (University of Roskilde): Welcome and introduction to the NOS-HS network “Nordic Voices: The use of oral history and personal memories in public history settings.

14:15-14:30 Introductory round

14:30-14:40 Break

14:40-15:50: Discussion of the two texts, introduced by Iben Vyff (Museums of Elsinore & Roskilde University) and Anne Brædder.

  1. Anette Day (2009) “‘They listened to my voice’: The refugee communities history project and belonging: Voices of London’s refugees” in Oral History vol. 37:1 pp. 95-106
  2. Andrea Witcomb (2019): “Oral history and First-person Narratives in Migration Exhibitions: Tracking Relations Between ‘Us’ and ‘Them’” in Darian-Smith and Hamilton Remembering Migration pp. 203-217.

15:50-16:00 Anne Brædder: Wrapping up and final remarks

The reading circle will take place via zoom. Please register with Anne Brædder by April 22, 2022 if you wish to participate: annebra@ruc.dk. The zoom-link will be sent to registered participants on April 25, 2022. If you have trouble accessing the texts, please be in contact.