Workshop on the Cooperative Measures in Oil Spill Response Organized by OIL SPILL and SÖKÖ in Finland

OIL SPILL and SÖKÖ projects arranged an expert workshop at the premises of the Finnish Red Cross in Helsinki, on 26 November. The workshop focused on new ways to enhance cooperation between the competent oil combatting authorities and voluntary forces.

Topical news from WWF and the Ministry of the Interior (FI) were shared, and the OIL SPILL project was introduced by Jarmo Malmsten. In the workshop, the delegates worked with the alert procedures required to get voluntary people to work in cooperation with the regional rescue forces.

The co-organizer, SÖKÖ project, is run by XAMK, the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. The main aim of SÖKÖ is to prepare instructions for regional rescue forces to cope with oil spills and shore protection activities with all the mandatory support activities.
For more information, please contact: Ms. Justiina Halonen, e-mail: justiina.halonen(at)

The participants represented oil combatting authoritites and voluntary organizations.
Photo by Jorma Rytkönen.
Workshop. Photo by Jorma Rytkönen.

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