Introducing Sebastian Henriksson – New Recruit for SWFES’ OIL SPILL Team

Training our boat crew to anchor the oil boom correctly.  

My name is Sebastian Henriksson. I am a firefighter, and this spring, I joined the OIL SPILL project as part of the Southwest Finland Emergency Services’ team.

I have lived in “the world’s most beautiful archipelago” my whole life. I spent my youth boating and scuba diving, and I was also part of the local volunteer rescue organizations here. After graduating from basic school, when I was 16, my blood led me out to the sea. I started studies in a maritime institution, and in my free time, I worked on different ships, including a crude oil tanker.

My seafarer career came to an end when I met my wife-to-be and, at the same time, got a chance to test working as a professional firefighter in my hometown. I got hooked and have been working in this branch ever since. Over the years in the rescue department’s operational sector, I have specialized in the maritime field, including diving, MIRG (Maritime Incident Response Group), being a skipper on many oil spill response vessels, and working as a sub-officer.

Last autumn I had a work-related accident that still stops me from doing heavy physical work. Fortunately, the rescue department found this new job for me where I can hopefully use my knowledge to support the OIL SPILL project. This kind of a desk job was a little shock because I have never worked like this or done the 8–16 before. But so far the work has also been very interesting and I have been learning a lot – I am also beginning to like it.

I am thankful that I can be involved in OIL SPILL and further specialize in this field. For me, the Baltic Sea is a very important area in many ways. We should all make an effort to protect it.

With kind regards, Sebastian “Sebbe” Henriksson

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