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Experiences and Lessons Learned from the Fanø Conference & Exercise in 2021

One of the biggest activities the Danish Civil Protection League organized during the OIL SPILL Project was the Fanø conference and oil spill exercise in October 2021. Particular focus was on spontaneous volunteers and volunteers from the oil spill emergency services. The idea was to prepare both the authorities and voluntary organizations in Denmark and around the Baltic Sea to discuss and share knowledge.

Volunteer Participation in Oil Spill Response in Denmark

When an oil spill hits the coast of Denmark, the respective municipality is responsible for the clean-up. However, most municipalities have given the task to the local fire department, as they are always on-call and able to respond within minutes. Many fire brigades cooperate with volunteer firefighters who typically assist on longer operations, with everything from firefighting to logistics and catering. In a new survey, we have investigated the volunteers’ participation in oil spill response on shores and shallow waters.

Postponement, Prolongation, and Surveys – Updates from the Danish Civil Protection League

This month we should have held an oil spill conference and exercise at the island Fanoe in Denmark. Due to the corona situation, it has been postponed to the autumn (23rd to 25th September), so we continue our preparations. At the event, we will gather Danish rescue authorities and other interested stakeholders. Hopefully, we can also welcome our partners in the OIL SPILL project as travel restrictions are removed in the Baltic Sea countries.