Schedule 2019

Autumn 2019

6.9. Olli Koistinen (Turku): Spinoza on mind and body / Discussion with John Carriero (UCLA)
25.10. Jussi Jylkkä (Åbo): Strawson, physicSalism, and consciousness
8.11. Adam Bricker (Oulu): Is Cognitive Neuroepistemology Possible?
22.11. Tapio Korte (Turku): Frege on Objective Ideas, and the Transition from Contents of Judgments to Thoughts and Truth-values
29.11. Visa Helenius (Turku): On the Transformation of the PSR in the 17th and 18th Centuries
13.12. Lauri Kallio (Turku): Arvi Grotenfelt and Southwest German neo-Kantian philosophy of history

Spring 2019

8.3. Jussi Jylkkä & Henri Railo (Åbo/Turku): On consciousness as a concrete physical phenomenon
29.3. Veli Virmajoki (Turku): The science we never had
12.4. Kasper Kristensen (Uppsala): Spinoza’s common notions, human nature and agreement in nature as ethical doctrines
17.5. Sami Pihlström (Helsinki): Transcendental solipsism
24.5. Lauri Kallio (Turku): The 1860s neo-Kantianism and the late German idealism