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The Student Life blog is written by the University of Turku international students and ambassadors who share their study experiences and glimpses into their life in Turku.

The blog posts include tips on:

  • how to get settled in Turku and Finland,
  • housing options,
  • free time activities,
  • different degree programmes, and
  • what to do after graduation.

All posts are the personal views of our student bloggers and do not reflect the opinion of the University of Turku as a whole.

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Baking Turku is a new stream series for fans of food and Finland
“Baking Turku” – New Live Stream Series for Fans of Finland and Food
The University of Turku launches a series of live streams called “Baking Turku”, in which current university students talk about life in Finland as an international student with all its peculiarities. Join the streams to share experiences in studies and food!
Author Selcen Erten in the University library
Learning Finnish as a foreign language – Can it be easier than you think?
Are you someone who thinks that Finnish is impossibly hard to learn? Are you someone who hesitates to study this beautiful language? Or are you just someone who likes reading about languages? Check out the blog to see the fun aspects and tools which make Finnish an easy language to learn.
Student ambassador is interviewing two student organisation representatives in a podcast studio
University of Turku publishes its first international podcast: Colours of UniTurku
After months of preparation, planning, and recording, “Colours of UniTurku”, a podcast made by the University of Turku’s international student ambassadors, is released. Read more about what the Colours of UniTurku is all about!
Writer Hinako Matsui standing in front of a beautiful lake and smiling
Are you afraid of studying abroad? – How the University of Turku helps you feel confident
Do you want to challenge studying abroad but feel fear? Do you want to get a foreign degree but don't have enough confidence? Are you interested in Finnish student life but feel nervous? Then, this article is for you!
6 Reasons Why You’ll Feel Welcome at the University of Turku
Many international students say that it does not take long before Turku starts feeling safe and familiar, like a second home. Here are the top 6 reasons why international students feel right at home in Turku!
How to Get a Part-time Job as an International Student in Turku?
Is it possible to get a Part-time job as an international student in Turku? Will you be able to manage your studies and working? Find out the experiences of current international students who work alongside their studies.

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