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The Student Life blog is written by the University of Turku international students and ambassadors who share their study experiences and glimpses into their life in Turku.

The blog posts include tips on:

  • how to get settled in Turku and Finland,
  • housing options,
  • free time activities,
  • different degree programmes, and
  • what to do after graduation.

All posts are the personal views of our student bloggers and do not reflect the opinion of the University of Turku as a whole.

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international students on exchange
Looking forward to going on exchange? Tips and insights
International student’s exchange journey from the University of Turku, Finland to the University of Pavia, Italy. Learn how to apply and explore exchange opportunities at the University of Turku!
All roads lead to Turku: 5 ways to get to Turku from anywhere in the world
Read the blog post to learn how to get to Turku by plane, bus, train, or ferry on a student budget.
University of Turku main campus buildings: map and history
Read this guide to get a glimpse into the origins of main UTU buildings’ names and to learn how to get the most of your UTU campus experience.
How to move in TYS apartment like a pro
A step-by-step guide and useful tips on moving in TYS student apartment!
Overalls: what are they and where to find them
Each country has its unique student culture, and Finland is famous for its student organisations and overalls. But what exactly overalls are and why do students wear them?
A quick guide to applying for housing through TYS-Student Village Foundation for new students
As an international student, getting an apartment is one of the first steps to getting settled in a new country, no one wants to move from their country to another country without having a place to call home. TYS provides accommodation for students in Turku.

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