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The Student Life blog is written by the University of Turku international students and ambassadors who share their study experiences and glimpses into their life in Turku.

The blog posts include tips on

  • how to get settled in Turku and Finland,
  • housing options,
  • free time activities,
  • different degree programmes, and
  • what to do after graduation.

All posts are the personal views of our student bloggers and do not reflect the opinion of the University of Turku as a whole.

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Kristaps Kovalonoks has done it all, from being an international student to volunteering and working at the University of Turku
My story: How strategic volunteering paved the way to a career at the University of Turku
Interested in building a career in Finland? Learn about how our international alumni Kristaps Kovaļonoks built a career in Finnish higher education at his alma mater through persistent volunteering, networking, and more.
Applying to UTU – tips from a current student
Come study in Finland! Get inside tips on how to apply to the international degree programmes at UTU
Reindeers in Lapland
Feel the true spirit of Christmas!
You don't know what Christmas is unless you visit Finland! Dive into the Christmas spirit with Olha Nikolaienko's post about Finland as a Christmas destination.
Friends enjoying summer at a Finnish cottage.
Culture shocks when coming to Finland – round II
Originally from UK, Alexander Spicer has experienced quite many cultural shocks in Finland - so many that he needed two posts to share them all with us. Are you ready for round two?
A fully furnished student studio
Furnishing an apartment in Finland as a student
Relocating to another country to pursue studies often brings a lot of hassle and unknowns. Depending on the country, students...
Culture shocks when coming to Finland – round I
After moving to Finland, Alexander Spicer has experienced quite a few cultural shocks. Now he provides you with some entertaining insight into the peculiarities in the Finnish culture.

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