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The Student Life blog is written by the University of Turku international students and ambassadors who share their study experiences and glimpses into their life in Turku.

The blog posts include tips on

  • how to get settled in Turku and Finland,
  • housing options,
  • free time activities,
  • different degree programmes, and
  • what to do after graduation.

All posts are the personal views of our student bloggers and do not reflect the opinion of the University of Turku as a whole.

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5 Reasons to Study Human Neuroscience in Turku
Are you interested in how the brain and mind works? Eman Hassanain outlines why the Human Neuroscience programme is a fit for all Neuroscience enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds.
Breakfasts in Finland – by UTU Ambassadors
Feast your eyes on what some of our UTU Ambassadors eat each morning!
Experiencing spring in Turku for the first time
I had a pretty good idea about what to expect from winter before coming to Finland but I had doubts about spring. Is it going to be too cold still? When exactly will the snow melt? Can I go hiking in peace? Making plans turned out to be trickier than I have expected but here are some reasonable activities a student can do in Turku.
Opportunities for international students to participate actively in student life
Are you wondering what kind of activities student life can offer you? Anna Ryzhova has gathered different ways for you to get experience in something you are interested in and improve your skills during your study time!
The PhD Experience: Delving into doctoral studies with Mahdi Moghaddam
One of the current UTUGS candidates, Mahdi Moghaddam, moved to Finland to pursue a PhD in the field of electrochemistry. We sat down with Mahdi to find out what got him interested in his field of research, what is PhD student life at the University of Turku like for him and what kind of things he likes to do when he is not conducting experiments in labs.
Tour with Tolga: Video series for new international students in Turku
Watch the video series produced by Tolga Karayel and learn more about course planning and the Peppi Study System, student accommodation, and food and student restaurants in Turku, Finland!

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