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The Student Life blog is written by the University of Turku international students and ambassadors who share their study experiences and glimpses into their life in Turku.

The blog posts include tips on:

  • how to get settled in Turku and Finland,
  • housing options,
  • free time activities,
  • different degree programmes, and
  • what to do after graduation.

All posts are the personal views of our student bloggers and do not reflect the opinion of the University of Turku as a whole.

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6 Reasons Why You’ll Feel Welcome at the University of Turku
Many international students say that it does not take long before Turku starts feeling safe and familiar, like a second home. Here are the top 6 reasons why international students feel right at home in Turku!
How to Get a Part-time Job as an International Student in Turku?
Is it possible to get a Part-time job as an international student in Turku? Will you be able to manage your studies and working? Find out the experiences of current international students who work alongside their studies.
PhD student Elmira Jahanshah Rad
Inspired by Materials Physics – Interview with Doctoral Researcher Elmira Jahanshah Rad
Elmira Jahanshah Rad is a doctoral researcher in Materials Physics. Read about Elmira's Ph.D. journey from start, struggles, to success.
A lake called Savojärvi at the national park called Kurjenrahka Kansallispuisto.
My Two Years Student Life in Turku: New Experience
The beginning of Zejia Song's stay in Turku seemed to be a sharp turn in every means. From culture, studies, and food to weather and cancer research. But no need to panic, find out why student life in Turku is easy to manage and fun!
5 Reasons to Study Human Neuroscience in Turku
Are you interested in how the brain and mind works? Eman Hassanain outlines why the Human Neuroscience programme is a fit for all Neuroscience enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds.
Breakfasts in Finland – by UTU Ambassadors
Feast your eyes on what some of our UTU Ambassadors eat each morning!

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