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Specialisation Track in Cyber Security Trains Important Experts for Future Society

07 November 2019 by Lotta Junnila
Cyber security is an increasingly important field for future society and information-intensive industries. Reza Abasi recognised the need for cyber security experts and decided to apply to study the subject in the University of Turku.

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Job Hunting and Working in Finland

09 October 2019 by Megha Goswami
One of the main concerns of international students in Finland and elsewhere is finding work. Which is quite understandable since living costs in Finland aren’t the lowest. In this blog I’ll be sharing with you the things that I’ve learned about finding work and working in Finland.

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Attending EU Careers Ambassadors conference in Brussels, Belgium

04 October 2019 by Kristaps Kovalonoks
I was recently fortunate enough to attend EU Careers Ambassadors conference in Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the center of European politics. Brussels is home to the EU’s most important institutions, such as the European Commission, European Council and European Parliament. Sadly, this time my schedule was fully booked, so I was unable to visit these famous places. However, it is safe to say that I enjoyed my time in Brussels very much and hence I am looking forward to visiting Brussels soon again.

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The University’s International Master’s Degrees Offer Expertise for Many Different Paths

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Back to Black

20 September 2019 by Jonathon Murphy
The new term has started and the university campus has come back to life. I was doing an internship in my department over the summer and it was very strange to see the Turku School of Economics looking so empty (although getting served in the cafeteria was much quicker!). The strangest thing about the start of term has been meeting the new Futures Studies students – and realising that I am not a new student myself anymore! I am now older, wiser and able to offer support to the first years.

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Guests from Latvia

11 September 2019 by Kristaps Kovalonoks
Now that the new academic year has begun, life at UTU campus is busier than ever. The city of Turku is full of students and there are different events happening every single day. In fact, summer was quite the opposite: it was very quiet, and streets of Turku seemed empty, as most students had returned to their home countries, travelled or worked somewhere other than Turku. During the last days of August, from 28.-29.8., I was hosting guests from Rīga Stradiņš University Student Union. What a fun and learning experience that was! They traveled all the way from Latvia to come and visit members of the Student Union of the University of Turku.

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A great way to get work experience while studying in Turku, Finland – an international student’s perspective.

09 September 2019 by Ameya Foujdar
As an international student from India, choosing Finland as a destination for my higher education was a natural choice. Finland, in addition to excellent teaching, is also a great place to live. Most students seek to get employed after graduation, but often come across employers who require students to have work experience. The City of Turku along with the universities in Turku organize a training program called Project Aces, which aims to provide practical skills and valuable work experience to students.

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Is a Long Distance Relationship for the Duration of a Master’s Degree Programme Worth it?

12 June 2019 by Milla Heikkinen
When I first moved to Finland in August 2017, I had just begun a serious relationship. The decision to continue on my journey towards a master’s degree in East Asian Studies  at the University of Turku, rather than staying back home to help nurture a relationship was a tough one, and I do not recommend it for those weak of heart. Is a master´s degree worthy of a long distance relationship?

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Part 4: Roddis Gym

06 June 2019 by Kristaps Kovalonoks and Jonathon Murphy
Greetings, fellow fitness enthusiasts! We want to tell you about the excellent possibilities for a healthy student lifestyle you can have for a affordable price here in Turku.  Following our journey around different Campus Sports’ gym at the campus of the University of Turku,  we would now like to introduce you to Roddis gym.

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Part 3: Formis Gym

23 May 2019 by Kristaps Kovalonoks and Jonathon Murphy

Hi everyone!

Kristaps and I continued our Campus Sport odyssey with a trip to Formis, which is located around 2km away from the student village, near the train station. It is a little bit awkward to reach from campus via public transport, but for those students living in private city accommodation (like me!) it’s very central and convenient.

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