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Get-Together Ambassadors – Nov 2023
“This is a great initiative and I was happy to see ambassadors from previous generations. Would love to see more!”...
Mama mia, sono in Italia! My EC2U adventur-a at the University of Pavia!
Would you like to experience a relatively less-known European city with an amazing university in it, discover a new way of academic thinking, be a part of the mosaic of the European culture, meet new people you will learn from, and acquire new communication skills? Check out the blog to see how you can do all these!
Λanguages with a Дifferent AlΦabet * – It’s not all Greek to me anymore.
Καλή μέρα! Добap Дaн! Bonjour! These greetings are not only in three different languages (Greek, Bosnian and French) but also three different alphabets (Greek, Cyrillic and Latin). If you are interested in different-alphabet languages, think that learning a different alphabet would be a fun experience or just enjoy reading about alphabets and languages, this blog is something for you!
University of Turku
Unlock Your Potential: How UTU Career Services Can Help You
One big concern I had when I accepted the offer from University of Turku, Finland was how to find a...
The first few days in Turku – getting about and getting things done (map included!) 
The first few days in Turku can be overwhelming, least not due to the lack of sleep you might have experienced in the process of getting here. Getting your apartment furnished, buying groceries (and not paying a fortune to do so), getting around, and knowing where to get medical care are the first few steps to getting settled in. Here, I have tried to provide you with a handle on the first few days in Turku, with a map to make things just a little bit easier!
Studying Finnish From an International Student’s Perspective
My name is Kristaps Kovaļonoks and I come from Riga, Latvia. I am studying Finnish as an International student. I...
From Northern Lights to Nordic Insights: My Year Immersed at the University of Turku
Have you ever wondered what it's like to embark on a captivating journey through the halls of learning and the breathtaking landscapes of the Arctic or how life in Finland for international students is? Join Usama, as he invites you to partake in an unforgettable expedition.
Power of the Student Voice: How You Can Improve Your Programme
As a student you want to have the best education possible. But sometimes things don’t always go as expected. From disorganized lectures to unclear assignments, it can be frustrating when the biggest challenge in your Master's degree programme is administrative and not the actual content! Read more on how you as a student can help change your education into one that you deserve. 
Road signs for bicycles showing directions to different parts of Turku.
On Your Bikes, Students! There’s Lots to See Here in Turku
Welcome to Turku – the student city moving on bicycles. I will also be actively selling you the idea of getting your own bicycle. Perhaps too actively, but you can trust me!
Navigating Turku Using Föli Buses – Beginner’s Guide for Students
Turku is a city pregnant with adventures to explore, the city is filled with museums, Turku archipelago trails, cinemas, stores, game arcades, etc. and one of the cost-efficient ways to explore any destination in Turku is via the use of Föli services. This blog post shares the basics for using the Föli buses!
Student lunch at Unica in Turku in Finland
Student Cafeterias and Where to Find Them: A Quick Guide to Unica
Keeping up with studies, social life and sleep at the same time can make it hard to eat properly. Luckily, there is a convenient chain of student-friendly restaurants to give you a helping hand. Let’s see what Unica is, how it works, and shortly introduce five cafeterias.
Baking Turku is a new stream series for fans of food and Finland
“Baking Turku” – New Live Stream Series for Fans of Finland and Food
The University of Turku launches a series of live streams called “Baking Turku”, in which current university students talk about life in Finland as an international student with all its peculiarities. Join the streams to share experiences in studies and food!
Author Selcen Erten in the University library
Learning Finnish as a foreign language – Can it be easier than you think?
Are you someone who thinks that Finnish is impossibly hard to learn? Are you someone who hesitates to study this beautiful language? Or are you just someone who likes reading about languages? Check out the blog to see the fun aspects and tools which make Finnish an easy language to learn.
Student ambassador is interviewing two student organisation representatives in a podcast studio
University of Turku publishes its first international podcast: Colours of UniTurku
After months of preparation, planning, and recording, “Colours of UniTurku”, a podcast made by the University of Turku’s international student ambassadors, is released. Read more about what the Colours of UniTurku is all about!
Writer Hinako Matsui standing in front of a beautiful lake and smiling
Are you afraid of studying abroad? – How the University of Turku helps you feel confident
Do you want to challenge studying abroad but feel fear? Do you want to get a foreign degree but don't have enough confidence? Are you interested in Finnish student life but feel nervous? Then, this article is for you!
6 Reasons Why You Will Feel Welcome at the University of Turku
Many international students say that it does not take long before Turku starts feeling safe and familiar, like a second home. Here are the top 6 reasons why international students feel right at home in Turku!
How to Get a Part-time Job as an International Student in Turku?
Is it possible to get a Part-time job as an international student in Turku? Will you be able to manage your studies and working? Find out the experiences of current international students who work alongside their studies.
PhD student Elmira Jahanshah Rad
Inspired by Materials Physics – Interview with Doctoral Researcher Elmira Jahanshah Rad
Elmira Jahanshah Rad is a doctoral researcher in Materials Physics. Read about Elmira's Ph.D. journey from start, struggles, to success.
A lake called Savojärvi at the national park called Kurjenrahka Kansallispuisto.
My Two Years Student Life in Turku: New Experience
The beginning of Zejia Song's stay in Turku seemed to be a sharp turn in every means. From culture, studies, and food to weather and cancer research. But no need to panic, find out why student life in Turku is easy to manage and fun!
5 Reasons to Study Human Neuroscience in Turku
Are you interested in how the brain and mind works? Eman Hassanain outlines why the Human Neuroscience programme is a fit for all Neuroscience enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds.
Student Breakfasts in Finland – by UTU Ambassadors
Feast your eyes on what some of our UTU Ambassadors eat each morning!
Experiencing Spring in Turku for the First Time
I had a pretty good idea about what to expect from winter before coming to Finland but I had doubts about spring. Is it going to be too cold still? When exactly will the snow melt? Can I go hiking in peace? Making plans turned out to be trickier than I have expected but here are some reasonable activities a student can do in Turku.
Opportunities for International Students to Participate Actively in Student Life
Are you wondering what kind of activities student life can offer you? Anna Ryzhova has gathered different ways for you to get experience in something you are interested in and improve your skills during your study time!
The PhD Experience: Delving into doctoral studies with Mahdi Moghaddam
One of the current UTUGS candidates, Mahdi Moghaddam, moved to Finland to pursue a PhD in the field of electrochemistry. We sat down with Mahdi to find out what got him interested in his field of research, what is PhD student life at the University of Turku like for him and what kind of things he likes to do when he is not conducting experiments in labs.
Tour with Tolga: Video Series for New International Students in Turku
Watch the video series produced by Tolga Karayel and learn more about course planning and the Peppi Study System, student accommodation, and food and student restaurants in Turku, Finland!
Polychronis Tatsis met a local Finn in the Friendship Programme
The Social Paradox in Finland: Experience in the Friendship Programme
You probably have heard the stereotypes: it can take time to befriend a Finn. But what did Polychronis, a current UTU student, learn after signing up for the Friendship Programme?
Kristaps Kovalonoks has done it all, from being an international student to volunteering and working at the University of Turku
My story: How Strategic Volunteering Paved the Way to a Career at the University of Turku
Interested in building a career in Finland? Learn about how our international alumni Kristaps Kovaļonoks built a career in Finnish higher education at his alma mater through persistent volunteering, networking, and more.
Applying to UTU – Tips From a Current Student
Come study in Finland! Get inside tips on how to apply to the international degree programmes at UTU
Reindeers in Lapland
Feel the True Spirit of Christmas!
You don't know what Christmas is unless you visit Finland! Dive into the Christmas spirit with Olha Nikolaienko's post about Finland as a Christmas destination.
Friends enjoying summer at a Finnish cottage.
Culture Shocks When Coming to Finland – Round II
Originally from UK, Alexander Spicer has experienced quite many cultural shocks in Finland - so many that he needed two posts to share them all with us. Are you ready for round two?