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Root Vegetables in Times of Uncertainty: The Howling Miller’s Vegetable Patch by Avril Tynan*

‘To be rooted’, wrote French philosopher Simone Weil in The Need for Roots, ‘is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul’ (2002, 40). Writing at the height of the Second World War and shortly before … Continue reading

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Second waving – and (not) drowning? A Finnish social scientist “reflects” by Liisa Lähteenmäki*

During the summer, the corona pandemic almost obeyed “the Trumpian wet dream” of disappearing in Finland – the entire country had only a few new cases and no further deaths occurred. In the fall, as universities, schools, play-schools and day-care … Continue reading

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Motivation across a transition by Heta Tuominen

Once again students have returned from summer holidays back to school and started their academic years. Some of them (including my daughter, by the way) are starting off their sixth, that is, the final year in elementary school and, thus, … Continue reading

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Turku Medieval Market: researcher and popular history by Reima Välimäki

Like the previous blog post, my text discusses outreach: a part of a researcher’s work that might not be rewarded as a curriculum activity, but which is extremely rewarding in itself. I am a medieval historian. Some of my … Continue reading

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Pandemic Mothers by Helena Duffy

More than ever I am surrounded by my ‘Holocaust mothers’ (the focus of my TIAS project). I used to get a break from them by going to conferences, writing articles on unrelated topics, or even going to the swimming pool. … Continue reading

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Striving for sustainability by Karoliina Lummaa

Climate change, biodiversity loss and other global environmental crises pose a monumental challenge to societies. We are now facing the situation where societies need to be reconstructed ecologically within the next ten to thirty years, and the reconstruction has to … Continue reading

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Koronavirus muokkaa toimitusketjuja, entäpä ilmastonmuutos? Sini Laari

Koronaviruksen leviäminen globaaliksi pandemiaksi on nostanut toimitusketjut valokeilaan. Monet yritykset ovat jo pitkään ulkoistaneet tuotantonsa halvemman kustannustason maihin. Samoin ne ovat pyrkineet vähentämään varastoon sitoutuneen pääoman määrää, ja pitävät vain pientä varmuusvarastoa luottaen globaalin logistiikan tehokkaaseen toimintaan. Kun koronavirus iski … Continue reading

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Classics in Time of Pandemic: Lock-down Reflections from the Ivory Tower by Michiel Meeusen

Western literature starts with a disease. At the beginning of the Iliad, Homer sings of an “evil pestilence” (1.10) sent by the Olympic god Apollo to devastate the camp of the Greeks during their siege of Troy. Apollo, the god … Continue reading

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Pascal’s Wager for Climate Denialist by Hemmo Laiho

Blaise Pascal (1623–1662), a famous French mathematician, is also famous for a philosophical slash theological slash game-theoretical thought experiment known as Pascal’s wager. You can find the thought experiment in the section §233 of the collection of his notes titled … Continue reading

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How to thrive and keep sane in academia? Looking back to my 2+ years in TIAS by Minna Santaoja

TCSM postdoctoral researcher Nicolino Lo Gullo brought up the issues of mentoring and mental health of academics in his recent post to TIAS/TCSM blog. These are issues I want to pick up as well, as I summarize my experiences in … Continue reading

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