University of Turku (Craft, Design and Technology (CDT) Teacher Education)

Project Director Dr. Eila Lindfors, professor ,

Project Manager Saija Tanhuanpää, university teacher, +358 40 593 6895

Satu Grönman, project specialist, satu.grö

Leena Kiviranta, project researcher, +358 50 3230219

Jesse Jeskanen, project assistant,

Arttu Korkeaniemi, research assistant,


University of Helsinki (IP-project page, Growing Mind)

Dr. Pirita Seitamaa-Hakkarainen, professor, +358 50 351 3673

Dr. Kaiju Kangas, assistant professor,


University of Tampere (IP-project page, Juniversity, The Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Network)

Dr. Kirsti Karila, professor, +358 50 396 9675

Sini Leikkola, project researcher, +358 50 318 2644


Innokas Network

Asta Ansolahti, project planner,


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