Justice for all? Nordic Seminar on Criminal Law, Procedural Law and Criminology

In times of hardening criminal policy and attitudes there is reason to ask whether our criminal justice system can provide justice for everyone. Increased attention to interpreting violence as terrorism, framing health related issues such as abortion as crimes, increasing surveillance and use of other coercive measures challenge us to ask do these measures target social groups in a just and fair manner. At the same time austerity measures press criminal justice procedures and civil trials to be made more efficiently. How do these changes affect the rights of people?

Nordic criminal law workshop has a long tradition of annual meetings. The Finnish seminar on criminal and procedural law and criminology has also convened annually in the recent years. University of Turku was in turn to organize these in 2019. We decided to combine the two seminars.

Welcome to Turku Aug 21-23, 2019. The languages of the seminar are Swedish, Finnish and English. Deadline for abstracts (max 1500 characters) has been extended until May 28th, 2019

Registration fee is € 40 and after June 10th, 2019 € 60. If you need a waiver of the fee, contact Tuomas Hupli.

Key Note Speakers:

Elina Pirjatanniemi, Professor, Director of the Human Rights Institute, Åbo Akademi University: Whose Rationality? Whose Humanism? A Human Rights Perspective on Nordic Criminal Policy”

Moa Bladini, docent & Erik Björling, lecturer (procedural law), University of Gothenburg:
Objectivity and Narratives in Procedural Law

David Whyte, Professor of Socio-legal Studies, University of Liverpool:
How Corrupt is Finland?