Wednesday 21 August

Welcome reception in Calonia (Caloniankuja 3)

Thursday 22 August


Opening of the seminar (Calonia 1)

Elina Pirjatanniemi: Whose Rationality? Whose Humanism? A Human Rights Perspective on Nordic Criminal Policy

Workshop I

A (seminar room Cal2102)
Chair: Lauri Luoto

Anna-Louise Fink: The interaction and complementarity of the legal and ethical regulation of the press
Noora Lähteenmäki: “I would have lost everything in prison”: Empirical legitimacy of electronic monitoring as a prison alternative
Mathilde Worch Jensen: Danish Law of Attempt and Complicity: A Victim-Centered Perspective

B (seminar room Cal1006)
Chair: Nina Immonen

Anssi Kärki: Veil piercing in interpretation of procedural rules
Jaakko Markus: Objectives of legal costs rules in Finland and Sweden
Yaira Obstbaum: Access to justice for all? – Studying legal needs in Finland

C (seminar room Cal2107)
Chair: Annika Suominen

Emma Holkeri: Of threats, defining and control – Challenging the link between threats at schools and school shootings
Susanna Lundell: Justice for victims of workplace bullying?
Giulio Calcara: Balancing international police cooperation – INTERPOL as the epitome of the undesirable trade-off between rights of individuals and global security.

Lunch (Macciavelli)

David Whyte: How Corrupt is Finland?

Coffee break

Workshop II

D (seminar room Cal1006)
Chair: Minna Kimpimäki

Mikko Rudanko: Normativization of Criminal Fault? – Criminal Intent in Finland, Sweden, Germany and England
Elisa Silvennoinen: Child victims – sovereignty, child´s best interest and the detection of crime
Jalo Vatjus-Anttila: Offender’s attempt to further clearing up of the offence in Finnish criminal code

E (seminar room Cal2102)
Chair: Heini Kainulainen

Riikka Laitinen: Rikosten sovittelu ne bis in idem -periaatteen ja itsekriminointisuojan näkökulmasta
Suvi Lamminpää: Tuomari vs. prosessori: menettelyn oikeudenmukaisuus tietokoneavusteisen päätöksenteon aikakaudella
Jani Kajala: Oikeudenmukaisuuden kokemus rikosprosessissa

F (seminar room Cal2107)
Chair: Mikko Vuorenpää

Seppo Immonen: Vuoden 2011 ampuma-aselain muutosten vaikutus ampuma-aseilla tehtyjen henkirikosten määrään ja piirteisiin
Niina Palaja: Jurisdiction of the Arbitral Tribunal
Laura-Maria Poikela: Rikosoikeus, rikosprosessi ja lapsikaappaukset

Dinner Cruise to Naantali

Friday 23 August

Moa Bladini & Erik Björling: Objectivity and Narratives in Procedural Law

Lunch (Maccivelli)

Workshop III

G (seminar room Cal1006)
Chair: Erik Svensson

Tuomas Hupli: The Moral Grounds for the Privilege Against Self-Incrimination, Silence, and False Statements
Christina Kjellson: Resning i brottmål – en processrättslig studie

H (seminar room Cal2102)
Chair: Dan Helenius

Johanna Vanto & Anne Alvesalo-Kuusi: Discretion in Crisis: International Protection Decisions before and after Europe’s 2015 ‘Refugee Crisis’
Minna Viuhko: Interlinkages between human trafficking and marriages – conceptual, methodological and legal considerations
Linnea Wegerstad: The #metoo momentum and its aftermath: digital justice seeking and societal and legal responses

I (seminar room Cal2107)
Chair: Markus Naarttijärvi

Nina Sunde: Digital evidence and miscarriages of justice in Norway
Aura Kostiainen: ”Ordinary citizen” – the assumed subject in Criminal Law Committee’s discourses
Lena Landström & Markus Naarttijärvi: Gränser för polisiär innovation – Rättssäkerhet, enhetlighet och demokratisk legitimitet?

Coffee break

Closing of the seminar