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The information that is relevant to the international students will be collected here.

Tenttikirjoja kirjastosta /Exam books from the library

Yliopiston kirjastosta saa taas lainattua painettuja aineistoja, kuten kurssikirjoja. Ohjeet varausten tekemiseen ja kirjojen noutoon löytyvät täältä: https://intranet.utu.fi/fi/ajankohtaista/uutiset/Sivut/noutopiste.aspx

It is again possible to borrow printed materials, such as textbooks, from the university library. Information on how to make reservations and collect the material can be found here: https://intranet.utu.fi/en/news/news/Pages/collectionpoint.aspx

BIOL5200 Research Seminars in Biology

All seminars are cancelled from 16.3. onwards until end of the spring semester.

Students can collect seminar points by viewing KEYNOTE presentations from the Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology, which was organized in Turku in August 2019. The talks cover topics in evolution, ecology, molecular biology and computational biology.

The link to view presentations: https://www.rajulive.fi/stream/eseb

For more information, see the Moodle site of the course.


In the event of conflict with the instructions given at this website and by the University or the Government of the State, the instructions given by the University and the Government of the State shall always take precedence.

Exams and Turnitin

During the exceptional circumstances, most exams are currently organized as home exams, Moodle exams or similar. Teachers may use the Turnitin-system for detecting plagiarism in the current situation, even if this has not been specified in the original course instructions.