MarEng Learning Tool is a web-based maritime English learning tool. It is based on the idea of a virtual ship on a voyage from port to port in Europe. During the voyage the crew of the ship faces a number of routine and exceptional situations in which maritime English is used both on board and in port operations. Material is suitable for different language levels and is grouped in thematic modules. All of the material is English-English and is based on language used in actual situations on ships, in ports, in shipping companies and elsewhere in the shipping chain.

The database contains:
• Texts
•  Interactive exercises
• Images
• Sound
• Video clips
•  Glossary of maritime terms
• Links to selected articles, documents and glossaries on other sites.

The intended users of MarEng are maritime English teachers and students as well as people working in various maritime professions. The MarEng material can be used online in the classroom, in distance learning and for self-study purposes. The Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW95) of the International Maritime Organisation are taken into account in the preparation stage.

The entire MarEng learning tool is freely available on the Internet. You can download it at page Download MarEng Learning Tool. CD-ROMs can be ordered from the Centre for Maritime Studies free of charge.

MarEng Table of Contents: