The THERENIA research project explores the ethics of using neuroscientific knowledge for treatment and enhancement. Questions of particular interest include…

  • Should our moral response to human neuroenhancement differ from our response to treatment?
  • How should individual autonomy be understood in light of current neuroscientific knowledge?
  • How does personal autonomy relate to other values, such as well-being, dignity, and justice?
  • How do we apply this knowledge in concrete decision-making in clinical practice and in the courtroom?

News about THERENIA:

Neuroscience sparks discussion on free will
“Neuroscience is increasing our knowledge of the functioning and structure of the human nervous system at a quickening pace, but at the same time it forces people to consider the motives of their actions and the limits of free will. At the University of Turku, challenges from neuroscience are met with a project combining philosophy, law and psychiatry.”