Successful launch of the OIL SPILL Project at the kick-off in Turku

Photo by Esko Keski-Oja

On 13–14 February 2019, invited by the Lead Partner University of Turku, OIL SPILL Project Partners gathered to Turku, Finland, where the spring showed its first signs of awakening. During this two-day event Partners got to know each other and a lot about the project.

On the first day, Partners gave numerous presentations about their activities, on-going other projects and introduced themselves. One of the main goals of this event was to get the Partners to become acquainted with each other, and this was achieved. After the presentations and a photo shoot, Partners attended a joint dinner at the conference venue.

On the second day’s agenda was a workshop focusing on the practical matters of the project. Presentations were given by the Lead Partner on project administration, financials and communication. Kick-off was attended by each of the Project Partner organisations. During the workshop, launch of the social media platform, Flickr, for sharing pictures from project events was also announced.

Multiple pictures from the event were taken and they have been published on OIL SPILL Project’s Flickr site.

A link to OIL SPILL Project’s Flickr account can be found from the project’s website under “Links” or from here: OIL SPILL Project’s Flickr

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