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Experiences and Lessons Learned from the Fanø Conference & Exercise in 2021

One of the biggest activities the Danish Civil Protection League organized during the OIL SPILL Project was the Fanø conference and oil spill exercise in October 2021. Particular focus was on spontaneous volunteers and volunteers from the oil spill emergency services. The idea was to prepare both the authorities and voluntary organizations in Denmark and around the Baltic Sea to discuss and share knowledge.

Lithuanian Red Cross’ Viewpoint on the KOPOS2021 Oil Spill Response Exercise

The long-awaited KOPOS oil spill exercise took place on the last days of May 2021. Due to the pandemic, the exercise was postponed from its original date in 2020 and instead it was implemented online this year. Despite the restrictions to make it a live large-scale event, the organisers from the Lithuanian Fire and Rescue Department made the exercise interactive and visual to all participants and observers.

Join KOPOS2021 Oil Spill Response Exercise and Seminar Virtually on 26–27 May

KOPOS2021 will be an interactive tabletop exercise on Wednesday, 26 May, followed by a webinar on OSR capability in the Baltic Sea Region on Thursday. Everyone interested is welcome to participate in both events virtually. For the English-speaking observers, a simultaneous translation from Lithuanian into English will be provided during the tabletop exercise. The webinar “Enhancing oil spill response capability in the Baltic Sea Region” is held completely in English (see the programme below).