#BAOIL21 Twitter Conference 14 Jan 2021: Oil Spill Response in the Northern Baltic and Arctic Areas

See all OIL SPILL #BAOIL21 presentations here: https://wakelet.com/@OILSPILL_BAOIL21

Three EU-funded Research projects, all developing countermeasures against oil pollution, will have a joint Twitter conference 14th January 2021, at 10:00 am – 2.00 pm (UCT+2).

OIL SPILL (Enhancing oil spill response capability in the Baltic Sea Region) will focus on the oil spill response capability in the Baltic Sea region.

SIMREC (Simulators for improving Cross-Border Oil Spill Response in Extreme Conditions) will highlight efforts to use simulators as novel platforms for training and research to develop joint procedures for the cross the border co-operation in the Eastern part of the Gulf of Finland.

ACBR (Arctic Coast Bioremediation) will show some of the latest results how to use biotechnology for comprehensive remediation of oil-contaminated marine coastal areas in the Arctic.

Join us on Twitter in January!

Follow the #BAOIL21 hashtag and/or @MerikotkaCentre and @oilspillproject Twitter accounts.


Download the programme here. First announcement on Kotka Maritime Research Centre’s SIMREC website.

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