Topical read on national disaster risk assessments in Europe

“National disaster risk assessments in Europe. How comparable are they and why?”

This policy analysis article by Prof. Christer Pursiainen and Assoc. prof. Bjarte Rød (Arctic University in Tromsø) is thematically very interesting for the OIL SPILL consortium and its target groups. The national disaster risk assessments in DK, FI, IT, NL, NO, PL, SE, UK , their comparability, and risk assessment integration developments in the European Union are discussed.

ABSTRACT: In the late 2000s, a process started that was designed to approximate the national disaster risk assessments in the European Union. Member states are currently obliged to prepare their assessments every three years. The European Commission will summarize the results, which should not only lead to a better overview of common risks but also direct future joint activities and investments. To date, two rounds of this new practice have been implemented and summarised. The present study investigates how and why this largely informal integrative practice was born, how it is facilitated, and how successful it has been vis‐à‐vis the expectations, especially achieving a relative comparability of the national risk assessments.

Read the whole article from the publisher’s website, here.

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