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New Report on Using Maritime Simulators in Oil Spill Response Training

Experiences gained in the frame of the OIL SPILL project revealed that maritime simulators, although being a rather novel approach, are considered to be an essential part of the preparation process to tackle real oil spill accidents, and are complementing more traditional tabletop and field-exercises. Feedback from the experts revealed that oil spill related simulator training is really welcomed and should be conducted regularly.

OIL SPILL Newsletter #5

Download or read the fifth and final OIL SPILL Newsletter here. The topics are: OIL SPILL particiption in HELCOM BALEX DELTA exercise …

Notable Achievements in Disaster Response Capability in the Lithuanian Red Cross

As the 3-year OIL SPILL Project is turning to the last phase, the Lithuanian Red Cross proudly states that this Project enhanced not only its understanding of and preparedness to oil spill disasters but also its overall disaster preparedness and national visibility as a potential partner in the disaster response. The participation in OIL SPILL connected the Lithuanian Red Cross with national institutions, such as the Fire and Rescue Department in Klaipėda, as well as the international partners in the Baltic Region.

OIL SPILL Newsletter #4

The fourth OIL SPILL Newsletter summarizes the past activities and introduces those forthcoming. Read it online or download as a pdf document.

Vellamo 2021 Oil Spill Response Webinar on 6 May 2021, Register Now!

Vellamo 2021 is one of the largest oil spill response (OSR) exercises the OIL SPILL Project is part of. Southwest Finland Emergency Services is the main organizer of this event that combines the activities of OIL SPILL, Host Nation Support, and SAAME, the annual OSR exercise at the Finnish Archipelago Sea.