Oskari Rintala joined the OIL SPILL team at the University of Turku

The OIL SPILL Project is coming to an end in December 2021. To support the smooth closure of the Project, Oskari Rintala joined the OIL SPILL team at the University of Turku.  

“My name is Oskari. I am a Helsinki-based doctoral candidate at the University of Turku and a curious researcher in the supply chain management field. To this end, I take a keen interest in social psychology to understand the causes of behavior in the world of business. 

I am glad to get on board the OIL SPILL Project on the final straight. I will be there working on tasks such as helping to organize the final event of the Project or following up and supporting everyone in finalizing their outputs and deliverables. I have previously worked in the Project HAZARD on Seaport Safety and Security in the Baltic Sea Region and am certain working in the OIL SPILL Project will extend my experience and offer many things to learn.”

– Oskari Rintala

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