OIL SPILL Final Conference Highlighted Project Achievements on 24 November 2021

The OIL SPILL Final Conference was held in a hybrid form on 24 November 2021 in Helsinki, Finland, and online. Whereas the Project Partners showcased the results and addressed the needs for further development, the guest experts provided the audience with additional information related to oil spill response. Project Manager Jarmo Malmsten reflects on the importance of the event:

“This conference was a good and valuable mixture of the results and achievements of the Project and topical presentations by our guest speakers. The event was also a grand finale for our consortium. Due to the pandemic, we have met face-to-face only a few times, and, fortunately, the timing allowed the traveling from several countries to the venue in Finland.

What became obvious − again − is that the main contribution of the INTERREG projects is about connecting people with similar aims and making them interact. These encounters yield fruit after a single project as the connections and networks enable new ideas and endeavors. It will be interesting to follow, for instance, how the inter-regional collaboration of the volunteers evolves further.”

Watch the video recording here, and download or view the presentaton slides online here.

See more photos on Flickr here.

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