Notable Achievements in Disaster Response Capability in the Lithuanian Red Cross

Emilija Unė Sakalauskaitė, Lithuanian Red Cross

As the 3-year OIL SPILL Project is turning to the last phase, the Lithuanian Red Cross proudly states that this Project enhanced not only our understanding of and preparedness to oil spill disasters but also the overall disaster preparedness and national visibility as a potential partner in the disaster response.

The participation in OIL SPILL connected the Lithuanian Red Cross with national institutions, such as the Fire and Rescue Department in Klaipėda, as well as the international partners in the Baltic Sea Region.

Lithuanian Red Cross is now better prepared to respond to oil spill disasters by its improved spontaneous volunteer management capacities and enhanced response mechanisms. Today, we have 21 disaster preparedness volunteers in the Klaipėda region trained on oil spill disasters and spontaneous volunteer management. In addition, we have other 63 volunteers across Lithuania trained on spontaneous volunteer management as well oil spills. They are ready to be deployed to the coastline if needed. Besides, five staff members are highly knowledgeable about the topic and ready to support this kind of disaster response operation, all thanks to the OIL SPILL project.

Although the project ends, the collaboration with partners will continue, and so does the Lithuanian Red Cross’ readiness to support institutions during oil spill disasters.

Lithuanian Red Cross visiting Klaipėda’s Fire and Rescue Department in December 2021.
Representatives of Lithuanian Red Cross and Danish Civil Protection League in the Fanoe Exercise in Denmark in September 2021.

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