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New Report on Using Maritime Simulators in Oil Spill Response Training

Experiences gained in the frame of the OIL SPILL project revealed that maritime simulators, although being a rather novel approach, are considered to be an essential part of the preparation process to tackle real oil spill accidents, and are complementing more traditional tabletop and field-exercises. Feedback from the experts revealed that oil spill related simulator training is really welcomed and should be conducted regularly.

Join KOPOS2021 Oil Spill Response Exercise and Seminar Virtually on 26–27 May

KOPOS2021 will be an interactive tabletop exercise on Wednesday, 26 May, followed by a webinar on OSR capability in the Baltic Sea Region on Thursday. Everyone interested is welcome to participate in both events virtually. For the English-speaking observers, a simultaneous translation from Lithuanian into English will be provided during the tabletop exercise. The webinar “Enhancing oil spill response capability in the Baltic Sea Region” is held completely in English (see the programme below).