Spring 2021 programme:

26.3. Helena Siipi & Polaris Koi (Turku): Ethics of Climate Nudges [ONLINE]
16.4. Lauri Kallio (Helsinki): Rein, Lotze and the Rise of Empiricism in Finland [ONLINE]
7.5. Mireille Isaro (Turku): Replacing Humans with Machines in Modern Warfare [ONLINE]
21.5. Ville Kokko (Turku): The Randomness Argument about Indeterminism and Free Will [ONLINE]

Spring 2020 programme:

31.1. Timo Helenius: The Critical Hermeneutics of Ideology? Ricoeur’s Methodic Truth and Gadamer’s Truth about Method
14.2. Joseph Almog (Turku): Self-centered Cognition vs. Children of Space
28.2. Visa Helenius (Turku): On the Transformation of the Principle of Sufficient Reason in the 17th and 18th Centuries (part 2)
6.3. Olli Koskela (Lapland): Sielu ja ruumis: Swedenborg uudenajan virrassa
27.3. Mika Hämäläinen (Turku): Doping and Moral Disapproval [ONLINE]
8.5. Guido Löhr (Bochum/Paris): Joint Commitments and Social Obligations [ONLINE]
15.5. Antti Kauppinen (Helsinki): Against Seizing the Day [ONLINE]
29.5. Valtteri Arstila (Turku): Continuity and Fragmentation in the Stream of Consciousness [ONLINE]