Spring 2024 programme:

15.3. Joona Räsänen (TIES): “That Will Teach You!” Is Punishing One’s Spouse Ever Justified?
22.3. Nicole Hassoun (HCAS/Binghampton): Legitimacy and Technocracy
12.4. Valtteri Arstila (Turku): Practically cognized present
19.4. Pii Telakivi (Turku): Risks of Extending Mind with AI
26.4. Eerik Lagerspetz (Turku): Filosofia pilan kohteena

Autumn 2023 programme:

8.9. Mikko Puumala (Turku): Ulkoavaruuden asuttamisen haasteet moraalijärjestelmille
22.9. Robert Frodeman (TIAS/Fulbright): The Future of Philosophy, The Future of the University
29.9. Hille Paakkunainen (Syracuse): The Empathetic Stance
6.10. Jani Sinokki (Oulu): Edward Westermarck on the Relation Between Moral Emotions and Moral Concepts
3.11. Helena Siipi (Turku): Danger of Slippery Slopes in Nudge Research
1.12. Alex Carruth (Helsinki): Between Emergence and Reduction

Spring 2023 programme:

3.3. Joseph Almog (Turku), Gabriel Sandu (Helsinki) & Vesa Halava (Turku): Zoology, Logic, Reality
17.3. Jani Hakkarainen (Tampere): Wolff on Free Will
31.3. Polaris Koi (Turku): Options, Options: the Nature of Decision Set Constituents
14.4. Ville Kokko (Turku): The Consequence Argument and the Randomness Argument
5.5. Katariina Lipsanen (Jyväskylä): Duns Scotus and the Immediateness of Intellectual Intuition
26.5. Sanna Mattila (Helsinki): Origin, Kind, Matter – A Kripkean Epistemology of Necessity

Autumn 2022 programme:

14.10. Adrian Blau (Helsinki/London): On thought experiments
21.10. Michael Cholbi (Edinburgh): Grief, empathy, and psychopathy
4.11. Eero Suorsa (Turku): Melancholic Bodies: Cosmetic Surgeries as Melancholic Events
9.12. Jenna Aarnio (Turku): Wild animal suffering and assistance [ONLINE]

Spring 2022 programme:

4.3. Laura Puumala (Turku): Just and Unjust Environmental Wars
8.4. Markus Nikkarla (Turku): Intentionality as a Mode of Existence
29.4. Kinga Ciereszko (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań): On Habermas’ Practical Discourse and Animal Rights
6.5. Oskari Sivula (Turku): Is Future a Utility Monster?

Autumn 2021 programme:

22.10. Timo Helenius (Turku): From Conviction and Its Critique to Critique and Conviction
29.10. Jussi Jylkkä (Åbo): Mary on Acid: Experiences of unity and the epistemic gap
12.11. Adam Bricker (Turku): Knowledge Conferred
16.11. (Tues 14-16 CAL2) Christopher Preston (Montana): Where Wildness Lingers in the Anthropocene
26.11. Peter Myrdal (Turku): Meaning of Life
10.12. Per Sandin (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences): Ethics and changing narratives of genetically modified food [ZOOM]

NB! Unless otherwise noted, the meetings will again take place in person.

Spring 2021 programme:

26.3. Helena Siipi & Polaris Koi (Turku): Ethics of Climate Nudges [ONLINE]
16.4. Lauri Kallio (Helsinki): Rein, Lotze and the Rise of Empiricism in Finland [ONLINE]
7.5. Mireille Isaro (Turku): Replacing Humans with Machines in Modern Warfare [ONLINE]
21.5. Ville Kokko (Turku): The Randomness Argument about Indeterminism and Free Will [ONLINE]

Spring 2020 programme:

31.1. Timo Helenius: The Critical Hermeneutics of Ideology? Ricoeur’s Methodic Truth and Gadamer’s Truth about Method
14.2. Joseph Almog (Turku): Self-centered Cognition vs. Children of Space
28.2. Visa Helenius (Turku): On the Transformation of the Principle of Sufficient Reason in the 17th and 18th Centuries (part 2)
6.3. Olli Koskela (Lapland): Sielu ja ruumis: Swedenborg uudenajan virrassa
27.3. Mika Hämäläinen (Turku): Doping and Moral Disapproval [ONLINE]
8.5. Guido Löhr (Bochum/Paris): Joint Commitments and Social Obligations [ONLINE]
15.5. Antti Kauppinen (Helsinki): Against Seizing the Day [ONLINE]
29.5. Valtteri Arstila (Turku): Continuity and Fragmentation in the Stream of Consciousness [ONLINE]