An Academy of Finland Research Project 2013 – 2017
The Universities of Helsinki, Tampere and Turku



Reimagining Futures

in the European North at the End of the Cold War


Reimagining futures, or ReImag, is a consortium research project that explores the systemic transformation of international politics and economics at the end of the Cold War as it was experienced in Finland and its external geopolitical environment in Northern Europe.

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ReImag looks at how contemporaries, decision-makers and other actors perceived the changes unfolding from late 1980s onwards, how they acted amidst these changes, what outcomes and policy changes this led to and what futures emerged amidst the transformation.

From its specific perspective of looking at continuity and change, ReImag adds new information on the nature of the systemic change of the 1980s and 1990s. By combining the work of historians and IR scholars, it leads to methodological and theoretical innovation on how to use historical documentation and analysis in theory development.

Project Direction

Project leader Kimmo Rentola can be reached at contact[at]reimag.fi.

Individual researchers are best contacted via their personal emails.