Student ambassador is interviewing two student organisation representatives in a podcast studio

University of Turku publishes its first international podcast: Colours of UniTurku

After months of preparation, planning, and recording, “Colours of UniTurku”, a podcast made by the University of Turku’s international student ambassadors, is released. Make a cup of hot tea, sit back, and enjoy a fun ride with us!

Whether you are a freshman at the University of Turku or considering applying, I am sure you have a lot of questions regarding how student life in Turku is. No matter where you are from, studying in Finland can be very different from what you are used to, and that can be overwhelming. A clear vision with realistic expectations can make your landing easy. 

It’s all about balance

In one word, student life in Finland is all about ‘balance’. Finnish students don’t just study, they LIVE. They attend classes, have meetings, study, work out, and party all in one day!

But having a social life as an international student can be hard sometimes. How can you make new friends? Can you share your hobbies with anyone? Where can you meet new people? Well, student organisations are here to support you in every way.

Student Culture in Finland

Student organisations are a big and unique part of student culture in Finland. No matter which Finnish university you are studying at, there are many student organisations active at your university, which you can join and participate in their activities. They organise all kinds of events and parties, from concerts to board games, from sports leagues to countryside tours.

Members of student organisations often share the same interest in one major or a hobby like watching movies or camping in nature. Student organisations in Finland are professional and well-organised. They all have boards, logos, and don’t forget their overalls or “haalarit” in Finnish. Each organisation has a specially designed overall with a colour that identifies it. Members wear their organisations’ overalls at all student gatherings and parties. So you see the overalls everywhere.

Colours of UniTurku

From the very first orientation day, you get to meet student organisations around the university campus. You can search through all the organisations to find the ones you’re most interested in. “Colours of UniTurku” is here to introduce vibrant and engaging student organisations and their activities to international students.

Episodes are named after the colours of organisations’ overalls and feature an interview with one of their members. Members will explain the purpose, activities, and plans of their organisations. So when you start your studies at the University of Turku, you can join one of them with a clear mind and get a chance to make new friends.

Welcome to Turku!

If you are planning to study at the University of Turku, I am sure you have a lot on your mind. Join us to hear a friendly conversation between students. You might get the answer to a lot of your questions regarding student life in Turku or at least you will hear some good Finnish jokes!

A new episode of Colours of UniTurku will be published once in two weeks during spring 2023. Listen to the podcast on the University of Turku Spotify or find all the episodes on the podcast website: