Sharing the wealth of research

This blog is meant for conducting exploratory workshops on legal case analyses. At first stage of this experiment, you will find mainly brief case outlines produced by the participants of the workshops. The case outlines include three core elements: facts, contextualization and principles.

In the background, there are two general ideas that this website tries to materialize. First is that students’ work is valuable to the research community to which they belong and it should be appreciated as such. The second is the conviction that the results of research should be shared and that the process by which the results are generated should be made transparent.

However, learning the analysis while at student level requires a degree of liberty to experiment with raw thoughts. One should not be afraid of finding them silly in the future and regretting this when acting as professional. That is why the texts here are published by the names of the teams, not by individuals.

The exploratory workshops are meant, not merely for inspecting legal and other materials on the basis of what one already knows, but for engaging with what is entirely unknown. Aside the ideal objective of producing knowledge stands an element of the mysterious. This element may very well be the real driving force of research.