Work package 2

Emissions and abatement strategies – Chalmers University of Technology

The aim of this work package is to create detailed emission data on SOx, NOx and PM emissions in the SECA area since the introduction of vessel fuel sulphur content reductions in 1.1.2015. The emission data of fixed site measurements collected in three large urban areas located in different parts of the Baltic Sea region (Gothenburg in Sweden, the Tri-City region of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia in Poland, and Saint Petersburg in Russia) will be used together with emission data gathered from two flight campaigns in the Baltic Sea. The data from these measurements will be combined with AIS-based ship emission modelling and measurements carried out on ships utilising scrubbers and LNG.

This work package also includes demonstration actions on energy efficiency of LNG fuel, the efficiency of scrubbers regarding particle emission reductions, Clean Shipping Café (organised in connection to Danish Maritime Fair 2016) and a study trip for 30 maritime stakeholders to introduce them clean shipping technological solutions.

Bothnian Sea