Work package 4

Social and political impact – University of Turku

Emissions of air pollutants from ships contribute to adverse health effects for the citizens, and to the acidification and eutrophication of both land and water. Emissions from vessels’ exhaust gases also contribute to forming of ground level ozone which has harmful effects on vegetation. The health impact assessment will be carried on the basis of results on pollutants concentrations and depositions achieved in WP3. The effects of vessel originated air pollutants on land vegetation (forests and farm crops), soils and water systems will be estimated on the basis of measured and calculated concentrations of air pollutants.

On the basis of health and ecosystem-level impacts a cost-benefit analysis of the SECA regulations will be carried out. Finally, visualization of alternative futures based on different policy options regarding different clean shipping solutions, and influencing of decision-makers and maritime stakeholders on the benefits of emission regulation will be done.

Orasund tanker