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Month: May 2016

A confession of an addict.

I want to make a confession.

I have become an addict to philosophy. No, I am not trying to sound brainy, I’ve been around and really do not care about looking smart. And anyway, I already lost many of my old friends by shifting from a process-aware polished corporate woman to an opinionated and chaotic PhD student in my forties. If anything, I’d like to look (and be) happy. In fact, smart people these days may be doing anything else but a PhD. In Finland at least, this acronym has suffered a huge inflation in recent years and non-medical doctors of all sorts are considered as suspects by many. So why should there be academics? Continue reading

From Freshman to Faculty

I first walked through the doors of TSE in late August, 2011. Being accepted into the Global Innovation Management master’s programme felt like winning the lottery (or at least I assume so – I’ll let you know when I win the lottery). I was super nervous, starting a new school. Thank goodness I already had someone to sit next to in orientation! That was a major consolation not only on those first days but also throughout my studies. The people are without a doubt the best thing about studying international business at TSE. Continue reading