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Building positivity through dialogue

Emotion skills in the workplace have recently risen to be a topic of interest in the Finnish media. Just this month YLE reported that empathy and interaction are crucial skills called for in recruitment. Similarly, Helsingin Sanomat stated that in the future emotion skills will be the key to professional success. But when and how do these skills appear in practice? One instance where they can play a major role is during organizational change – for example following a cross-border acquisition. Continue reading

Blurry Outlines of a Customer

Sting, the musician and father of six once defined: “You can only be as happy as your unhappiest child”. This thought encapsulates the very essence of our being and wellbeing; our existence is in constant interaction with our social surroundings and our wellbeing is in relation with the wellbeing of others around us. Our lives are intertwined with the lives of others. Continue reading

Pasts, Presents and Futures of SD Logic

Research trajectories of Service-Dominant Logic: Emergent themes of a unifying paradigm in business and management, Industrial Marketing Management, 2017
Attila Pohlmann, Valtteri Kaartemo

Branding will become peripheral to Service-Dominant Logic by the early 2020s. Systems will be the driving theme in the same timeframe. These were some of the results emerging from our extensive mixed methods analysis of the SD Logic research trajectories. Continue reading