For authors

Checklist for authors

  • Potential topics for the blog posts, podcasts, and videos are current project activities, project updates, plans and results, upcoming training events, and discussions of phenomena related to the Centre’s operational areas.
  • The text should be nontechnical in nature.
  • Appropriate text length is approximately 3000–5000 characters (or 1–2 A4 pages).
  • Choose a title that describes the contents.
  • Break the text up by including subtitles.
  • Use images to support the text. You can include 1–3 pictures. Please submit the original, unedited images.
  • Include alt text (link) for the images. Use only pictures, tables, and graphs that can be described in photo captions and alt text.
  • State at the beginning of the text which thematical or operational area your text is about.
  • Add tags.
  • Include author information and relevant author roles or titles at the end of the text.
  • Submit your proposed content to or
  • The text is returned to the author with commentary within one week of submission.
  • The text may be published once the requested alterations have been made and necessary information has been added.
  • You can write in Finnish or in English.